Hello, I’m Mike ‘Hammer” Sukow, the owner of the company. Weekly, or as time permits, I will be blogging about many comic book related topics, such as comic book movies, favorite comic book creators, favorite publishers, upcoming conventions and more.

Recently, at C2E2 2017 with Bryan J. L. Glass and Nog

The Origin Story
For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed comics books, especially superhero comics. Marvel and DC were my publishers of choice, because back then, there weren’t a lot of choices. My first two favorite comic books were Superman and the Fantastic Four. I spent hours enjoying each title.

A Need for the App
As I grew older, I started attending comic cons. My first con was in Milwaukee about 20 years ago. I have always enjoyed seeing older comics that are well preserved, even if I would never own them. I started purchasing some key comics and never felt comfortable determining the condition of comics for sale. Sure, I could immediately tell the difference between those that were in Near Mint (NM) shape and those that were in Very Good (VG) shape. But I couldn’t tell the difference between a 9.8 and a 9.0, let alone a 9.6. I was sure other fans were in the same boat.

In 2015, I decided to create the MyComicGrader app. I talked with other comics book fans, as well as CBCS and CGC (3rd party comic book grading companies) about the app and potential market for such an app. I started designing the app in June of 2015. I wanted to include all the aspects of being a fan that I thought others would like: being able to see recently sold values for comic books, being able to search for upcoming conventions and the creators and celebrities attending them, and of course being able to objectively grade comics books. By May 1, 2016, the app was released for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The App’s Growth
With the 1st release there were 180 conventions included, now there are 261. There were originally 2,252 creators listed, now there are 3,588. And more are added weekly. We now have thousands of folks who have installed the app and many are being added each day. My hope is that there will be 20,000 users by the end of 2017.

The Future
I’m always looking for suggestions for the next version of the app. Some of the suggestions are the ability to print the grading reports, the ability to save the condition reports. To add your input, please take our short 10 question survey.

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In the next blog, I’ll be sharing some tips about the app, and discuss The AutographChaser site. I also have a Star War #1 (9.6 signed by Carrie Fisher) to give away in the near future – will I do that in the next post? Will it be at a convention where MyComicGrader is a guest? Who knows – you better stay tuned.