What’s New

What’s New In March, 2017?

We have added filtering for creators and conventions for Pro users.

Does the app grade comics other than Modern Era?

Currently, it has been programmed for Modern Era comic book grading only. Because of differences in older eras, this is future functionality and is in development.

Will MyComicGrader be attending conventions in 2017?

Yes! We will have a booth at Count-i-con in Grayslake, Illinois October 20-22, 2017.

Acquisition of TheAutographChaser site

On November 26, MyComicGrader acquired the The Autograph Chaser site. This site uses the same database for conventions, comic book creators, cosplayers and authorized witnesses information. If you’re not interested in comic book grading, then this is for you.

Top Questions

I can’t understand some of the capabilities. Will there be YouTube videos available?

We have added some YouTube videos, addressing topics such as how to grade, how to locate comic book creators and authorized witnesses attending specific conventions. The same videos will be available on the site as well.

How often do you plan on updating the list of conventions, Authorized Witnesses and Creators?

Our process starts at the end of the year, sometimes earlier. Soon after a convention is updated on the their site, we update our app. We also update the app multiple times until the event, with the last update approximately one week before the convention starts.

Why doesn’t the app do XYZ?

The app is not intended to do everything comic book fans may want; however, we have made 4 major updates since our initial version was released on May 1, 2015. The more people who purchase a subscription, the more capabilities will be unveiled over the next year and beyond. There are plans for the next 5 version upgrades, but the details are hush-hush.

How does grading work?

It is based on the “Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics 2015”, published in 2014.

Hey, the app graded a comic as a 9.8, but when I sent to CBCS, it came back as a 8.5. Why?

There are many reasons: The more comic book grading options selected, the more accurate the grade will be. If you send the books to multiple 3rd party graders, there is a chance that the grades will fluctuate. This comic book app is trying to make the process more objective.

The Basics

What is an AW?

AW stands for Authorized Witness. An AW is someone authorized by CGC or CBCS to confirm the signature added to a comic book is legitimate and authentic.

What’s the difference between Basic and Pro subscriptions?

Check out our pricing page for specifics.

When I search in eBay, I am seeing only 10 comics displayed. I know there are many more on eBay, so why am I only seeing 10?

The results are of recently sold comics based on the information you entered. The app is only displaying a max of ten graded comics at a time, but if you scroll, then additional graded comics will be displayed until all are displayed

There is a chart at the bottom of the eBay listings. If I scroll to see more, the values update. Is it supposed to do that?

Absolutely! When you search for values, the chart will update to reflect the graded comics displayed.

What’s the difference between Raw, Graded and Signature Series books?

Raw refers to comics that have not been signed and have not been graded. Graded are comics that have been sent to a 3rd party (like CBCS or CGC). Signature Series is the same as Graded, except there are authentic signatures from one or more creators.

What’s a Creator?

Comic book creators are anyone that either drew, wrote, created or was involved in a specific character or comic book.