Welcome to My Comic Grader, Your Personal CGC and CBCS Comic Grading App!

The team at My Comic Grader is thrilled to introduce our revolutionary app, designed to bring you the reliability and expertise you’ve come to expect from CGC and CBCS grading criteria. Developed by our dedicated team of comic book collectors and lovers, My Comic Grader puts the power of grading comics in your hands; our use-friendly app allows to you submit your comics’ specs and defects, resulting in an overview of the value of your comic books. But one of our favorite features (besides the ease, convenience, and fun of learning more about the value of comic books in your collection) allows you to see third party-submitted gradings and appraisals, giving you the best and most complete idea possible before taking the plunge and physically submitting your cherished comics. But perhaps the app’s most innovative feature is what further propels My Comic Grader ahead of other comic book collection software and comic book guides; My Comic Grader affords you the opportunity to search upcoming Comic Con events, enabling you to check out which artists, writers, and other heavy hitters from the comic world will be attending the event(s). Are you ready to learn more about your comics’ value? Download our app for iOS and Android now, available in the App Store and from Google Play, respectively. Still need to be convinced? Read on to dive more deeply into the fanciful features of My Comic Grader.

Just How Much is Your Stash Worth?

Traditionally, the value of comic books has tended to ebb and flow with what’s “in” and what isn’t. However, the age of the Internet now affords us the opportunity to learn seemingly anything about the comics we know and love. My Comic Grader was designed to give you the tools you need to self-assess your comics, giving you the freedom to decide to pursue professional grading services, such as CGC and CBCS. Or, your results could solidify that there’s no amount of money on the planet that could convince you to part with your most deeply-loved comic. With My Comic Grader, you’re never left in the dark, pondering the value of your comics. Get a clear, well-researched answer, and confidently plan your next move.

Find Upcoming Comic Convention Rosters, Events, and More

Ever wonder just which artists, writers, cosplayers, graders, and other heavy hitters in the comic world will be attending the upcoming Comic-Con or other comic event? Got an artist you’ve been wanting to meet? Or how about finally being able to ask that burning question to your favorite writer? My Comic Grader puts that information and these opportunities in your hands with our easy-to-use ‘Events’ search feature. This convenient aspect gives you all the info you need to decide which comic convention is right for you! This feature allows you to see all pricing, contact info, hotel and lodging information, and any other details to give you the best description of upcoming comic conventions.

For How Much Did a Copy of Your Comic-in-Question Sell on eBay?

The world’s marketplace is now online, and eBay has been Web users’ go-to for treasure hunting for years. This pertains to comic collectors, too; ever wonder for how much the same comic you’re considering selling sold on eBay? My Comic Grader brings this tedious and time-consuming task to your fingertips, providing users with an up-to-date list of previously sold comics, giving you a power of clarity to sell, appraise, or hang on to your comic(s).
Ready to give us a go? Download My Comic Grader for iOS and Android now.