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MyComicGrader is the only comic book grading app of its kind to offer comprehensive features and powerful grading capabilities for comic book collectors and hobbyists. Simply select your comic book attributes and MyComicGrader will quickly calculate an estimated grade for you. These comic book grading calculations, though not official, are based on generally accepted industry guidelines from comic book grading services, with grades closely aligned with third-party leaders like CGC Comics, CBCS, and Overstreet Price Guide. Because MyComicGrader is also integrated with eBay, you can immediately use your grade estimate to get up-to-date market and pricing information.

Are you sitting on a goldmine? MyComicGrader quickly and objectively estimates the grade that a third-party comic book grading service may assign for your Modern Era comic book (1985 to present day). The more traits identified, the more accurate the final grade will be.

Know which conventions comic book creators, artists, writers and cosplayers are attending. MyComicGrader provides a full list of events complete with contact, pricing, and lodging information plus quick links to buy your upcoming Comic Con tickets and book hotels.

Find out the number of comparable raw, graded, and signature series books sold on eBay with your book’s estimated grade including prices, average sales amounts, and dollar ranges.

We’ve united all of your convention must-knows into one location. Know where your favorite comic book creators, cosplayers, and celebrities will be.

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